A Colorful Styled Dinner Table With the Foundations Box

When it comes to hosting gatherings, incorporating vibrant colors into your tabletop decor can turn a simple get-together into a delightful, playful event. Using the neutral items from the Foundations Box as a base, you can create a vibrant and colorful styled dinner table that perfectly embodies the spirit of Sun Cookery. Here’s how:


Lay the Foundation with a Fine Linen Tablecloth 

Start by spreading the fine linen tablecloth across your dining table. This neutral, beige base will make the colors you add pop even more.

Add Some Colorful Floral to Your Dinner Table

Place the glass vessels along the center of the table, and fill them with dainty, colorful flowers. Don’t overthink it – do you have any flowers or ‘weeds’ growing in your yard that you could gather for your table? Even a few small flowers will bring life and vibrancy to your table.

Napkins, Napkin Rings, and Placemats 

Have some bold, colorful napkins? Let’s use them! We LOVE these funky napkin patterns and colors from Atelier Saucier. Otherwise, we can use the Foundations gray napkins as a canvas to add more color! You can tie colorful ribbons around them or place a sprig of fresh herbs or a bright flower on top of each napkin for a pop of color. The oblong sea grass napkin rings and circular woven placemats will add texture and an earthy touch to your table. Layer a colorful table runner or a second (or third!) placemat at each place setting to brighten up the design even more. Layering is key for a dynamic table styling.

Let the Colors Shine with Candlelight 

We can’t forget the candles! You can place candles in the Foundations glass vessels instead of flowers. Or, incorporate some of your own candelabras that fit the vibe.

Dinner Party Recipe Ideas

Need some ideas of what to make? Don’t stress, honey! We’ve got a bunch of recipes and tips for you to make for your next dinner party memorable and delicious.

We hope you find this post inspiring to style your own colorful dinner table using the Foundations Box items. Excited about your dinner table decor? Snap a picture and tag @suncookery so we can share what you’ve created!

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