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We Believe In The Magic Of A Shared Table

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Is it just us, or does it feel like people don’t host get togethers anymore? Between global quarantine and the rise of social media, we hear it and feel it everywhere — people are
craving real connection.

Why crave sunnier days when you can create them in your kitchen? We explore recipes, atmospheres, and attitudes that transport our community to their favorite bright destination, based on the experiences that have sparked our own passion for hospitality and culinary wonder. 

Create Your Own Sunshine

A Flavorful Life

Adding a zest to your everyday happens beyond the dinner table. By exploring new recipes, themes, and stepping out of your comfort zone, you access a zest for life that ignites the same joy we feel in our first taste of sunny locales and bright destinations.

At the core of what we create is a coming together. We understand the power of community, of making memories as a collective, and building meaningful, reciprocal connections between host and guest. Special occasions don’t build special bonds - it’s the ties we build in everyday moments that draw us together.

Joy in Shared Experiences

Generous Hospitality

At the core of hosting is a sense of natural generosity, which we channel in every interaction. By leading within our community, guiding our team & customers to be genuine and inspired, and always offering a little more, we create an atmosphere of care that spreads the hosting spirit to everyone it touches.

The values dear to our heart

Why we do what we do

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Michelle’s roots and passion for southern hospitality began early in life. Born in Concord, North Carolina and raised in New Orleans, Tampa, Florida and the Carolina coastlines, she grew up amongst true southern hospitality. Spending her childhood summers with sandy toes on wrap around porches, always welcomed with a warm smile and a cool glass of sweet tea. The kind-hearted people she met in the south shaped her life and led her to pursue several career paths in hospitality. 

She has degrees in Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management and Marketing and a Culinary Certificate from Kendall College. Her career took many turns between corporate marketing for Fortune 500 companies, launching a food company, Key Lime Eats, and various positions in hospitality. Eventually moving to Milwaukee, it was her ongoing travels to Mexico and the Bahamas that really drove home her commitment to bring back the lost art of hospitality. Michelle felt a calling to teach, share, and inspire others to host in their home again. 

Michelle’s vision is for Sun Cookery to be a catalyst to inspire and empower people to open their doors again and have people over. To encourage everyone to learn from one another, laugh together, and remain connected in real life. These small but powerful moments make space for conversations that matter and shape life-long bonds that can change the trajectory of our world.

Michelle is a proud mama of Max and Maggie and wife to Darren. She currently runs her business from Milwaukee and Charleston while continuing to travel for inspiration and learning. 

Michelle Mize, Chief Hostess Officer

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Personalized Hosting Consultation 
75 Minutes - $250

A one-on-one session with Sun Cookery’s Founder, Michelle Mize designed to help you master the art of hosting. 

Whether you need help with menu design, food planning, creating a fun and easy guest experience, or decorating your entertaining space. Michelle will answer all your burning questions and help you embrace your most imaginative and inspired inner host.

We are always looking for rays of sunshine to join our team! Drop us a line at suncrew@suncookery,com

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