Hosting a Backyard Fire Pit Fall Get Together

Ahh, what’s not to love about Fall? And we bet you’ve got a beautiful backyard fire pit that’s just begging to be lit this season. With the Sun Cookery Fall Into Home box, we’ve got you covered with everything you need for hosting a backyard autumn fire pit get together with friends and family.


First, Wine

Whatever wine you fancy, it’ll look great in our elegant colored stemware. These gorgeous glasses each feature fall hues and fit the vibe perfectly. They’re perfect for toasting with a delicious red, white, or rosé wine. We selected these glasses for their durability, perfect for taking out into the backyard.


The Perfect Fall Charcuterie Kit

The Fall into Home box is a charcuterie lovers’ treasure box. It all starts with our custom-made wood board as the foundation for creating endless charcuterie spreads, appetizer platters, or perhaps an array of s’mores ingredients for your backyard fire pit get together. Included in this box, we kickoff your fall spread with our favorite walnut-sage pesto and artisan crackers. This pesto and cracker combo makes for a simple and sophisticated bite that’s easy to prepare. We recommend adding a fresh herb, like bits of fresh sage or thyme, on top of the crackers for a colorful and flavorful bite. Need some more charcuterie tips? We’ve got a whole blog post spilling all our secrets of the 4 key components to craft the perfect charcuterie fall grazing board.

Jar and Spreader Combo

The real star of this box is our French combo: a collectible salt tub by Poterie Renault paired with a Laguiole mini spreader. The salt tub has a wide variety of uses beyond just a salt jar next to your stove. We love using it for our charcuterie displays!

What to put in your salt jar:

  • Pesto, chutney, pate, hummus, or other savory spread
  • Soft cheeses such as Blue, Goat, or Boursin 
  • Jams, jellies, or sweet chutneys
  • Caramel dip, fruit dip, or chocolate fondue – oh yea 🤤

What to Serve? Appetizer Ideas for Your Backyard Get Together

Need some more ideas of what to serve your guests this Fall? We’ve got you covered with our recipe for a Fall Pear and Cheese Baguette. This recipe is an easy but impressive appetizer for any fall get-together. It’s a delightful celebration of the Fall pear harvest, melding sweet and savory. Give it a try next time you’re looking for some Fall wine and charcuterie spread inspiration.


With the Fall Into Home box, having your friends and family over for a backyard fire pit get together is easy and classy. We hope it inspires you to keep hosting, connecting, and making memories through shared food and conversation.

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