Crafting The Perfect Grazing Board

When that crisp autumn breeze starts to blow, there’s no better way to celebrate the season than with a bountiful fall grazing board. The beauty of a grazing board lies in its adaptability. You can really get creative with a small bites board! Which can also feel a bit overwhelming . . . Don’t stress! We’ll walk you through our 4 key components to craft the perfect charcuterie fall grazing board.


The Charcuterie Canvas

To begin your perfect charcuterie, you first need to find a beautiful and functional serving platter. Don’t quite have what you need? Our Fall Into Home hosting box includes a custom wood cutting board which is the perfect canvas for your spread.


Assembling your Ingredients

Remember, this isn’t a rigid recipe; our intent is to inspire you to make it your own and indulge in the flavors you and your guests love. To give you some guidelines, we’ve defined four key components to a well-balanced grazing board. If you have at least one ingredient from each component category, you’re sure to have a delicious spread!

1. The Salty Component

Every fall grazing board needs a salty component. An obvious choice would be a cured meat or hard salami. But why stop there? There are loads of other savory options to try such as nuts, olives, or a savory spread such as pesto, pate, or hummus. One of our favorites is the Artisanal Walnut Sage Pesto from our Fall Into Home box. It’s a tangy, colorful flavor perfect for fall that you’ll keep coming back to.


2. The Cheese Component

As for the cheese component, we suggest sticking with crowd-pleasing flavors rather than something too polarizing. Select at least one soft cheese like Blue, Goat, or Boursin, and complement it with a hard cheese such as Parmesan, Manchego, or Asiago.

3. The Bread & Cracker Component

The bread and cracker component plays a vital role in a balanced spread. The key is to pick a bread or cracker that works with the spreads, cheeses, and other savories on your board. Our favorite choice, Potter’s Crackers, is already at your fingertips in the Fall Into Home box, offering the perfect balance of flavor and crispness. Other ideas could be toasted baguette slices, pita slices, bread sticks, or crostini toasts.

4. The Sweet Component

Adding a touch of sweetness to your board is the perfect finish to complement your salty, savory, and cheesy flavors. Dried fruits like figs and apricots work beautifully on a fall platter. Crisp apples, pears, figs, berries, or grapes would also bring a burst of juicy brightness to invigorate the palate. The Fall Into Home box’s handmade clay dishes make for perfect vessels to serve these delectable bites.

An alternative to fresh or dried fruits or berries is to instead include a jam or sweet chutney which can pair beautifully with cheeses. And if you’re really looking for a crowd-pleasing addition, dark chocolate pieces will certainly be devoured.

By incorporating all four of these components into your fall grazing board, your guests will enjoy a dynamic array of sweet and savory bites.


Fall Grazing Board Charcuterie

Here is our go-to guide for the perfect fall charcuterie.

1. Salty Component (choose 1 or 2):

  • Nuts (Marcona almonds, Pistachios, Brazil Nuts)
  • Pesto, chutney, pate, hummus, or other savory spread
  • Olives (We prefer pitted for easy snacking)
  • Cured meats, hard salami, sausages, smoked fish

2. Cheese Component:

Pick at least one soft and one hard from the choices below:

  • Soft: Blue, Goat, or Boursin 
  • Hard: Parmesan, Manchego, or Asiago

3. Bread & Cracker Component:

  • Potters Crackers—Our favorite! 
  • Toasted baguette slices 
  • Pita slices
  • Crostini toasts
  • Bread Sticks

4. Sweet Component:

  • Dried fruit 
  • Fresh fruit, berries, or grapes
  • Dark chocolate pieces 
  • Jam of your choice

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