Styling Your Fall Dinner Table With the Foundations Box

Set your table for an elevated autumn dinner party! As the air turns crisp and leaves paint the landscape in warm hues, it’s the perfect time to gather friends and family for a heartwarming celebration. The Sun Cookery Foundations Box, a treasure trove of essentials, is your key to creating a table that exudes the essence of fall. Think fine wines, hearty autumn cuisine, and heartfelt conversations. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through styling your fall dinner table using the Foundation box’s elements to infuse your gathering with seasonal charm.


The Foundations Box Items

The Foundations Box is a delightful collection of tabletop essentials. This your creative canvas for styling your fall dinner table. Start with the beautiful fine linen table cloth from that serve as the base for your fall dinner table. Its neutral tone provides a canvas upon which your entire table can come to life. Using a tablecloth not only protects your table but also gives your dining experience a touch of understated elegance. We decided to add some additional flair and texture to our table styling with this floral runner.


Creating A Spot for Each Guest

The round placemats serve as the foundation for each place setting, providing a dedicated spot for each guests. Top them with the dinnerware of your choice! For this display, we used the Foundations Box dark grey napkins, folded neatly.

Expertly Layering Your Dinnerware

When you really want to impress your guests at your next gathering, think of building a three course menu. When each dish is savored individually, it really makes the whole experience feel special. For this three course meal, we stacked our tableware accordingly for each course of the meal. First, a clean white dinner plate on the bottom, stacked on top the salad plate, and finally a colorful, floral accent bowl for soup.

Tiny Floral Centerpieces With Turquoise Glass Vessels

The turquoise glass Spanish vessels from the Foundations Box are so versatile, they can hold beverages, desserts, and even flowers! They make for an adorable centerpiece accent that isn’t blocking anyone’s view across the table. Fill them with a medley of fall blooms, eucalyptus, or gather twigs and dried foliage from your garden to create a rustic yet elegant display.

A Candlelit Dinner

And finally, the candles! There is something just simply magical about candlelight. It is an essential for those cozy fall vibes! Place them at intervals down the center of your table, mix and match heights and styles for a dynamic and inviting display. We suggest using unscented candles as to not overwhelm the smells and flavors of your meal.


A Final Personal Touch

For an added touch of personalization, think of making seasonal place cards for your guests! Check out these ideas for inspiration. You could try writing names on mini pumpkins, autumn leaves, or handwritten notes on rustic card stock tied to a trinket or candy treat. This little extra effort transforms your dinner into a special occasion where every guest feels valued and cherished.


Help! What Do I Serve My Guest for a Fall Dinner Party?!

Don’t stress, honey! We’ve got a bunch of recipes and tips for you to make for your next dinner party memorable and delicious.

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