How to Style An Elegant Dinner Table

When friends and family gather around your dinner table, it’s more than a shared meal; it’s a celebration of togetherness, love, and the beauty of connection. This sentiment is what inspired us to create our Foundations Box. This box includes a carefully curated collection of dining essentials that help you easily elevate any get together with style. The simple, versatile pieces in this box are the foundation of your table to add your own flair with silverware and dinnerware. Pull up a chair and we’ll show you how to style an elegant dinner table with the Foundations Box.


Elevating Your Dining Table

Our Foundations Box is your key to effortless, elegant hosting. It all begins with the beige Fine Linen Tablecloth. Whether you’re dining inside or out, this tablecloth will elevate any surface you drape it over. Even a plastic folding table becomes an elegant affair!


Style an Elegant Dinner Table With Place Settings

Next, we’ll define a dedicated seat for each guest. First, the round placemats at each chair followed by the dish ware and silverware of your choice. Here is where you can have some fun with your table design! For this table, we decided to go clean and simple with white porcelain plates and bowls with delicate detailing. When choosing your dishes, it’s important to consider what’s on your menu. If you’re serving soup, then adding a bowl to each place setting makes sense. If there’s no need for a bowl in your menu, maybe opt for layering an entree plate and a salad plate on top.


Adding a Subtle Elegance to Your Table

A simple way to make your dining table feel elegant is to use cloth napkins. And the fact that they’re reusable is a welcomed bonus! Included in the Foundations Box, you’ll find a dark grey napkin that perfectly fits the bill. To take it a step further, you’ll also get the oblong sea grass napkin rings which really give a finishing touch on each place setting.


A Pop of Floral or Greenery

Our turquoise glass Spanish vessels, often used for beverages and desserts, now find new purpose as small flower vases. Fill them with delicate blooms, wildflowers, or simply some green foliage from your yard. You’ll be surprised how even some simple greenery adds a touch of natural beauty to your table.

Elevate Your Dining Experience

Our Foundations Box elements will become your go-to pieces to style an elegant dinner table for celebrating all of life’s moments, whether they’re grand or delightfully mundane. As you host your loved ones, you’ll find your own style with adding different pieces and elements that fit the seasons and the occasion. Have fun with it!

Perfect Pairings for Every Season of Celebration

Want some more support with your tabletop decor? The Foundations Box is one of four hosting boxes curated by the team at Sun Cookery. All of our boxes are thoughtfully curated to mix and match with the others. The Fall Into Home box includes items perfect for any fall gathering. Our Pineapples on the Patio box is bursting with tropical flair and is essential for summer dining al fresco. These boxes pair effortlessly to elevate your get togethers, ensuring that every gathering is an opportunity to celebrate and share in the warm hospitality that defines Sun Cookery.

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