It’s been clear to me for a while that we have lost touch with the simplest act of connecting with others: which is hosting at home! Tell me, when was the last time you hosted at home and created a genuine, in-person connection with someone? And not for a special occasion either . . . […]

Bringing Back the Art of Hosting At Home


I am so excited to share why every host should know the meaning of the pineapple! I’m also sharing fun insights on the pineapples origins, a recipe, and how it inspired our Pineapples on the Patio Hosting Box! This iconic symbol of hospitality, the glorious crowned pineapple, is the driving force behind our Pineapples on […]

Every Host Should Know the Meaning of the Pineapple

A fresh pineapple on the table is a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home when you are hosting.

Have you ever hosted and felt a little cringy about a guest? Just recently I watched a reality show and got that terrible cringy feeling just from observing a terrible guest. (No judgement — yes, there is one reality show that takes me away to warm places and I do look forward to watching it […]

Our Top Guesting Guidelines


(And we are not talking about hosting websites)  What does it mean exactly to host or be a host? The word host (used as a noun — remember your 5th grade grammar?) is: “a person who receives or entertains guests socially, commercially, or officially” (as defined by Merriam Webster).  Well helles belles! That doesn’t sound like […]

The 3 E’s of Hosting


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