The 3 E’s of Hosting

(And we are not talking about hosting websites) 

What does it mean exactly to host or be a host? The word host (used as a noun — remember your 5th grade grammar?) is: “a person who receives or entertains guests socially, commercially, or officially” (as defined by Merriam Webster). 

Well helles belles! That doesn’t sound like a fun person, or someone who wants to connect and get to know me. That kind of host stresses me out and I don’t even have an invitation. What does it mean to “receive a guest commercially” anyway? 

Okay — you probably catch my drift. So let’s define a “host” the Sun Cookery way:

“A host is someone who welcomes you into their home and personal space. To share their energy and spend quality time getting to know you, to share and receive energy from you — all while enjoying something to eat, drink, and maybe even some form of entertainment.”

Doesn’t that kind of host sound sooo much more fun and interesting?  

What’s the point in this exercise of defining a host?  Well, it’s important to make sure you are in the right mindset to succeed in the hosting role! I’ve had countless conversations with friends who say they hate hosting because their alter ego appears at some point in the process of hosting and they have an out of body experience when their guests arrive. 

They don’t even know who they become as soon as guests arrive, or the food doesn’t come out right or the conversation goes askew. (This sounds like a great opportunity for a reality show if you ask me.)

In all seriousness, let’s take the edge off and allow me to share with you the 3 E’s of Hosting to guide you in your role of hosting while still being you and enjoying every step of the experience: Embrace, Enjoy, and Emanate. Sounds simple enough — so, let’s break this down like a raw chicken shall we!  (That’s me channeling Julia Child.)

1. EMBRACE: We’re starting off with an easy one, which is to embrace the role of hosting. Anyone can do it! It doesn’t matter who you are or who you are hosting for. The whole purpose behind hosting is to make a connection with someone or a group of someones! Make the commitment, dive right in and get ready to have some fun! 

Which conveniently leads right into our second E…

2. ENJOY: This is probably the single most important part of hosting because, if you’re not truly enjoying the act of hosting then hang up your hat, go meditate, have a cocktail, enjoy an edible — whatever it takes to get into that space of pure joy.

While you’re there, sit back and consider why you want to host. Because that’s your enjoyment and you need to grab hold of it and stay focused on that reason from beginning to end of your hosting endeavor.  Are you having a guest or guests over to share some exciting news? Or are you inviting new neighbors over to help them connect in the community? Or perhaps you’re carving out some much-needed time with family or friends to see how everyone is doing? Once you stay laser focused on your why, the enjoyment box is checked! 

And that takes us right into the final E of hosting…

3. EMANATE: This is such a great word! “To radiate, exhale, exude…” And that’s exactly what will happen naturally throughout every aspect of your hosted get-together when you are embracing your role and enjoying your purpose. Your confidence, thoughtfulness, beauty, enthusiasm, kindness, fun, and everything about you will emanate outward to your guests.

Emanating is what makes for an inspired and bright moment for you and your guests! When your guests feel you embracing the moment, sharing your enjoyment, and emanating your personal touches throughout, they will settle in comfortably and — most important — will be thankful to see YOU and not your alter ego.  

We especially love the word emanate at Sun Cookery, because it’s the warmth and brightness of the sun that inspires us — and that’s part of what we hope to stir up in you and in your guests. We believe that getting back to hosting in our homes will change the energy and the trajectory of our friendships, our families, and our communities.  

Live Bright, y’all! 


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