Real estate closing gifts are the single most important interaction you will have with your client. Every client relationship in the dynamic world of real estate truly begins with the closing gift. Some real estate professionals may focus solely on the number of transactions closed or properties sold when evaluating client relationships; however, the authenticity […]

Your Secret Weapon for Building Client Relationships in Real Estate

Hosting-at-home is a great way to connect and bring together each others friends, family, and colleagues as a couple. Discover your couple hosting style and unlock your couples teamwork as host-at-home partners!

Unlock the Joy of Hosting as a Couple and Enhance Your Marriage

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It’s been clear to me for a while that we have lost touch with the simplest act of connecting with others: which is hosting at home! Tell me, when was the last time you hosted at home and created a genuine, in-person connection with someone? And not for a special occasion either . . . […]

Bringing Back the Art of Hosting At Home


I am so excited to share why every host should know the meaning of the pineapple! I’m also sharing fun insights on the pineapples origins, a recipe, and how it inspired our Pineapples on the Patio Hosting Box! This iconic symbol of hospitality, the glorious crowned pineapple, is the driving force behind our Pineapples on […]

Every Host Should Know the Meaning of the Pineapple

A fresh pineapple on the table is a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home when you are hosting.

Have you ever hosted and felt a little cringy about a guest? Just recently I watched a reality show and got that terrible cringy feeling just from observing a terrible guest. (No judgement — yes, there is one reality show that takes me away to warm places and I do look forward to watching it […]

Our Top Guesting Guidelines


(And we are not talking about hosting websites)  What does it mean exactly to host or be a host? The word host (used as a noun — remember your 5th grade grammar?) is: “a person who receives or entertains guests socially, commercially, or officially” (as defined by Merriam Webster).  Well helles belles! That doesn’t sound like […]

The 3 E’s of Hosting


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