Your Secret Weapon for Building Client Relationships in Real Estate

Beautiful dark wood double front door with 2 greenery wreaths hanging and decorated with black and white striped bows.  Sun Cookery hosting box is sitting at the front door after being dropped off by real estate professional as a closing gift.

Real estate closing gifts are the single most important interaction you will have with your client.

Every client relationship in the dynamic world of real estate truly begins with the closing gift. Some real estate professionals may focus solely on the number of transactions closed or properties sold when evaluating client relationships; however, the authenticity of a client relationship goes well beyond the transaction. Top performing Real Estate professionals know and understand that client referrals come organically when there is a deep and intentional client relationship forged throughout your clients journey to home acquisition. They also understand the key moments that demonstrate the intentionality and depth of your relationship; one of those moments is at the closing.

The journey to closing and what comes after

For real estate professionals, the closing gift holds profound significance. Whether your client’s journey to closing is brief or spans years of careful consideration, the thoughtfulness you exhibit during this pivotal moment reverberates far beyond the exchange of keys. It’s a tangible demonstration of how you perceive and value them, reflecting your investment in their new chapter of homeownership. The closing gift is more than a token—it’s an opportunity to cement your relationship, leaving a lasting impression that resonates for years to come.

Real estate closing gifts with a unique approach

Introducing Sun Cookery

In the fast-paced and competitive world of real estate, every client interaction presents an opportunity to cultivate enduring connections. The art of gift-giving emerges as a potent tool for nurturing rapport, expressing gratitude, and fostering meaningful relationships. Enter Sun Cookery—a company founded on the unwavering belief that hosting-at-home is the cornerstone of genuine connection. We believe that by fostering moments of togetherness, we can transform houses into homes and neighborhoods into vibrant communities.

Every real estate closing gift matters

There is perhaps no greater testament to your commitment to your clients post-sale than a Sun Cookery hosting box. Each box is a tangible expression of your care and consideration, providing countless opportunities for your clients to extend warm invitations, host memorable gatherings, and forge lasting connections with their newfound community, neighbors, and loved ones. With every opening of a Sun Cookery hosting box, your clients will be reminded of your thoughtfulness and intention—an invisible yet powerful touchpoint that resonates long after the transaction is complete.

At Sun Cookery, we understand that every gift-giving opportunity is a reflection of your generosity, thoughtfulness, and sincere intention to create shared moments of joy with your clients. Inspired by the rich traditions of Southern hospitality, our curated collection of hosting boxes embodies the timeless charm and inviting allure of gatherings among cherished friends and family.

Elevating the Gift-Giving Experience

What sets Sun Cookery apart is our unwavering commitment to crafting memorable experiences that transcend the ordinary gift basket or gift card. Our hosting boxes can be shipped anywhere in the U.S. — arriving inside a separate shipping box–so that the full experience of our custom boxes are unveiled. We can ship the hosting boxes directly to you so that you can add your special touch, branding, or handwritten note OR we ship directly to your clients new home. We can also include custom gift messaging on a Sun Cookery luxury notecard.

Tailored Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

For discerning real estate professionals who understand the profound impact of thoughtful gestures on client relationships, Sun Cookery offers a bespoke suite of gifting solutions designed to delight, inspire, and leave a lasting impression. With a 50 box minimum order, we can customize a box for your luxury real estate professional team to have on hand. Contact our Founder, Michelle Mize to discuss the endless opportunities to create boxes that embody your brand, your sense of style and hospitality.

This is at the heart of what we do and what YOU can gift to your clients for a invisible touchpoint that will be remembered again and again.

Friends gathered in a living room sharing wine and enjoying time together with the Sun Cookery Fall Into Home hosting box.
Sun Cookery’s Fall Into Home hosting box, a top-selling real estate closing gift.

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