10 Ways to Style a Dinner Table With The Foundations Box

Our team at Sun Cookery has thoughtfully curated our Foundations Box to be a collection of essential tabletop elements that make it easy for you to transform your get togethers into an elegant and unforgettable affair. The simple yet foundational pieces in this box are selected in neutral colors. They will easily pair with your cherished dish ware, silverware, and other fun elements. With a little creativity you can totally make it your own! To inspire your dinner table spread, we’re sharing 10 ways to style a dinner table with the Foundations Box. We hope these ideas inspire you to infuse your own personality into your hosting, making each gathering an unforgettable experience.

1. Clean and Simple Whimsy

Start with the basics—round placemats and dark grey napkins—and let your cherished dishware take center stage. Add a touch of fun with a whimsical table runner accent and a colorful bouquet of flowers, effortlessly infusing your table with charm.


2. Round Elegance with Linen Runner

For round dining tables, let the beige linen tablecloth shine as a runner. Dark grey napkins and seagrass napkin rings add an extra layer of refinement to each setting, creating an inviting ambiance.


3. Layered Sophistication Without Table Cloth

Embrace simplicity by foregoing the tablecloth altogether. Instead, layer round and rectangular placemats for each place setting and centerpiece. This creates an effortlessly sophisticated look with a relaxed vibe.


4. Tropical Paradise with Monstera Leaves

Escape to the tropics by using monstera leaves as unconventional placemats. Use the round placemat as a textural base for your centerpiece. Incorporating a variety of blues and greens with your dish ware and runner is an easy way to style a table that transports you to an exotic locale.


5. Game Night Elegance

Transform your dinner table into a game night haven. Place a chess board as a centerpiece, surrounded by round placemats and dark grey napkins, creating an atmosphere of strategic elegance.


6. Latin Color Explosion

Infuse vibrant energy into your dining space with a bright red table runner and boldly patterned and colored dishes and bowls. The Latin-inspired vibrancy will set the stage for a lively dining experience. Don’t forget the tequila!


7. Contemporary Chic

Embrace contemporary elegance by pairing black and white dishes with pops of yellow. Incorporate geranium flowers for a burst of color, complemented by the chic foundations of round placemats and dark grey napkins.


8. Wooden Table Showcase

Show off a beautiful wood table by neatly folding the beige linen tablecloth into a runner. In this tabletop decor we integrated the brightly colored and patterned napkins from the Pineapples on the Patio box for an extra dash of flair.


9. Fun and Funky Layers

Go over the top with lots of layered placemats and funky patterned napkins. Let your creativity run wild as you mix and match textures and colors, creating a visually exciting and eclectic dining setting.


10. Beachy Candlelit Escape

Create a serene beachy ambiance with seagrass placemats with pops of turquoise, delicate yellow floral centerpieces, and an abundance of candles. Imagine eating dinner on the patio under the warm glow of candlelight, watching the sun set over the ocean.


With the Foundations Box, your dinner table becomes a canvas for expression. These 10 styling options showcase the versatility of our carefully chosen elements, inviting you to blend simplicity with sophistication, and tradition with contemporary flair. Simple, foundational, and always welcoming—let the Sun Cookery Foundations Box unleash your creativity and make each dining experience a reflection of your unique style and warmth.

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